Grade 5

British Columbia

Home to me

What does home mean to me? The first thought that comes to mind is warmth. Warmth reminds me of comfort and the sun, as though the sun always shines down on my home. At home we pretty much do everything, eat, sleep, talk and relax. Home is where I can relax after a long day of school. It’s where I can spend time with my family, so I can tell them all the exciting parts of my day. Homes are filled with mingling and are filled with emotions of laughter and joy. A home isn’t just made with bricks and wood; a home is made with memories made with family. At home there’s so many things to do, especially with siblings and friends. I adore helping out at home, I will always want to help out my parents. I take care of my two twin sisters, and I am always there if they need me. At home I’m comfortable with my surroundings and my household. At home I feel safe. I don’t need to worry, because I have my family with me. Home means I don’t need to be worried. I have a home filled people that care for me and my feelings. At home, even if we get into a big fight, it will always get solved in the end. So what home means to me is family and memories. It doesn’t matter what your home like, but of the people inside it. I love my home.