Grade 4


Home to me

Home is special for me
A place for dreams to come true.
Home is a place to have fun
And for everybody to be happy.
Home is making memories
That you will cherish forever.
Home is place that friends get back together
And to make new friends along the way.
I think of home when I am down
But my family always cheers me up.
A place where I will be happy forever
Because I am surrounded by people I love.
Home is a place where I feel warmth and love
because my family has a special vibe like no other.
Home is where I am loved the most in the world,
where I am recognized, my talents my hopes and dreams.
Home is a place where I get courage
And give courage
To people who are discouraged.
Home is a place where we share our lives and are space
In hopes of seeing joy
On one another’s face.
To me, home is a place where I feel secure
From the rain, the snow
And all my fears.
Home is where I can free to play
And would love for all others
To have fun this way.
Home is a place where I am warm
A place of comfort during a storm.
When I think of the thought of not having a home
I start to cry and roam.
So every night in my bed
I thank God for my home and family
Which is mine to keep.
I hope this poem has grown enough with luck
For a child to have a home.
By Umer Khan