Grade 4


Home to me

Home to me is a happy place
Where you can enjoy the free space
Home is a place surrounded by love
And where your loved ones will lift you up above
Home to me is where you are very comfortable
Where people know you and you are understandable
The word home describes peace and where you are unafraid
Where you can fulfil all the plans that you have made
You are not scared to try something new
Because your family will support you, that I already knew
Home is where you have the shelter that you need
Where you feel like you can calmly breathe
You can read a few books or even tell a story to someone you know
Because at home you feel no sorrow
Home is where you can sit with your family for some quality time
And you can play with others at anytime
Home is the place that I really know well
Because I can hear the song of love from the bells
Home can be a place where you are not judged
Where you can take a break and have cookies with fudge
Home is where you can relax and rest
And then get up later feeling all fresh
Home is that place where you can sleep
Get some shut eye and dream
Your dreams will be of the wonderful home that you have got
And then you can cuddle and snuggle a lot
So no matter what your house is, whether it be big or small
But it is your responsibility to love it all
So live in your home because it is not just a place
It is a place to enjoy the free space