Grade 4


Home to me

A home to me means walking to the bus stop with fresh air and freezing or hot weather. Then going on the bus to sit with some friends. Then getting off the bus feeling safe. After I put my backpack away, I go out to the playground to friends greeting me. Alone playing with my friends, then hearing the bell ring. We all line up. We all go inside to the safe and warm school. We sing o’Canada and we learn that some people don’t have homes which makes me sad. It is snack time; all kids grab their snacks. While eating their snacks I hear laughing which makes me think of all the family’s that could be starving. It makes me want to build houses for all those poor families. Then it is recess I go outside to the unpredictable weather and fresh air playing with my friends. Which gets me thinking of all the people who are poor living in that unpredictable weather. Then recess is over like a snap. Then as we learn lots. School is done and everybody looks forward to the weekend because it’s a four-day weekend! It’s a four-day weekend because its Saint Patties day. My sister and I go on the warm bus. I think about all those poor people who have no family to celebrate with. Then I’m at my warm home playing games and playing with my pets, and family. Its supper time all the fresh food and clean water after supper we have nice showers. After that we make Leoprocon traps then we play monopoly voice banking. Then my mom remembers we need chips and pop to watch a movie. She goes in our warm safe car. Then comes back then we watch movies then it’s time for bed. A home to me means everything I have.