Grade 5


Home to Me

Home to me is memories, being cared for, and my animals. No matter where we are, as long as my family is together we are home.

The meaning of home is memories .

The meaning of home is being cared for by the people that love you. Every night my mom kisses me on a good night knowing that she loves me with all her heart. I can go to bed thinking about the times my parents have cared for me the most when I fall or hurt myself. The ones who care and love me will be there to help me get up. Every Friday we have movie night. We eat chips, make popcorn and sometimes even have pop. I know when we’re together we will care for each other. My brother cares for me when I’m down. My brother will do what he can to try to lift me up and raise my spirits.

The meaning of home is animals. It’s not just the people that are at home it can be the animals too. I feel at home because of my pets. All the cuddles and games that we play makes us have a stronger bond. Every time we get a new pet we want it to feel cared for just like we do to each other. It doesn’t just have to be people it can be the pets too as long as they are cared for. They can love us and we can love them.

This shows no matter where we are or who we care for, we can be at home if we are with these people.