Grade 5

Richmond Hill

Home to me

By: Kaelyn
Home to me is a special place like nowhere else in the world. We can embrace our differences and share our stories to pass them on. It is a safe haven and a life long memory that will never be forgotten. Home is something that will always be there no matter how far my home is. Home can be a key to your heart or a place you can share talent, hopes and dreams. Where ever I, go there are things that remind me of home, but nothing will ever replace my home and the things that fill it. Loving hearts build a home which includes family and loved ones. My family in my home has shaped me to be who I am right now. Home is where the heart is so it can’t be destroyed. Home is where i feel protected and warm. I have been to other houses. To me, it’s a building. To others it’s their home. My family can face challenges, but after a long hard day, we are always there for each other, supporting each other and helping each other grow stronger along the way. Even though a home may never be perfect, this is what home means to me. I hope that everyone who has a place to call home will experience this same feeling and those who don’t will make a place to call home.