Grade 6


Home To Me

The meaning of home to me isn’t just a place where family is or where your heart is held, it is a place where you feel the most open or where you can share your opinion without having to wonder “ will I get made fun of?” You should always know that when you are at home you are being loved and that you are in a safe environment. When I get home from a long day of school, my brother is always there to make me a cup of hot chocolate or to give me a hug. My family has always given me space when I truly needed it!

My home means alot to me, because I have a strong understanding that I am very lucky to be born into a family that can afford to put food on the table or to have a roof over my head. Like most families we talk and we are honest with each other, at times we can all be very critical but we all have our differences, right? Sometimes we get in fights and try to avoid each other but staying in that home brings us all together. My home is very snug and warm.

When I come home and smell the delicious food that my mom has made it brings back memories to when we first moved in. Home is where I can wake up in the morning and feel the warm sun on my face.
Home is where I can talk about my feelings and my dreams and hopes.
Home is a place where I can bring my friends over and have a good time. All thought I may not appreciate it now I realise that my mom and dad provide a lot for me.