Grade 6

St. John's
Newfoundland and Labrador

Home To Me

Home represents safety
And hope
And love
It could feel peaceful like
A sleeping dove
It could be as chaotic
But people will know
It’s where they belong
And where they’ll grow

So many people do not have homes
No beds to sleep on
No walls to lean upon
All they need is a few donations
Some love
Some heart
And salvation
From being on the streets
And living in alleys
For the people you helped
You should count up a tally
And get it up to a hundred and four
So people won’t have to live on the streets anymore

I wish to give homes like mine
To people that need them the most
Everyone should be able to find
A home that they can host
Themselves in
And their families too
To live in
To sleep in
A bathroom and trash
Luxuries they never had
Good things to eat
New people to meet
So they won’t be sad!