Grade 6

Newfoundland and Labrador

Home to me.

Home to me is a place for me and my family, a safe place where bad things stay away. Home doesn´t have to be a place, either it only has to have a place in your heart.Canadians like me and my classmates are lucky to have all the privileges that we do : food, clean water and shelter.Also we have things like TV, video games and modern luxuries that many other countriescity´s do not.Even if you do not have a house you still have a home, in your heart.

Some rich snobs ¨no offence¨ think their house is there home but that´s not true, for anywhere can be your home as long as your heart is there. I have always thought of home like it’s a place where I can share special memories and be with my family and friends. I really want to raise money for people that do not have a house or a home, so they can have the feeling of home as well. The feeling of home is it’s own little thing, a feeling you feel safe, where nothing bad can happen.

The first time I felt this feeling, it was when i first went to the place I call home, as did my little brother, who I can remember as he was carried by our mom in through the door. He probably felt the feeling I feel every time i’m at my home. Even if our house was burned down to the ground, we would still have our home, our safe place, that doesn’t even have to be a place. Home, the thing that started this all, the safe place in my heart, in your heart and in everybody else’s heart. I hope you raise thousands even millions for homes for people who don’t have them. This right here, this essay is the meaning of home to me. -Logan crowley, NL 2019.