Grade 4

St. Thomas

Home to me

To me, home is a place and a feeling.

A feeling you get when you know you’re loved, a place where nobody is left out.

A feeling you get when you’re in a good dream, a place where things are more magical than they seem.

A feeling that makes you think your never alone, a place where you can be grateful for what you own.

A feeling when you know you’re welcome to come in and stay, a place where you can wait for the storm to go away.

A feeling of hope, trust, and joy, a place where everyone can help by donating a toy.

A feeling sorrow and fear, a place where someone will always comfort you and say “I’m right here”.

A feeling that nothing is impossible, a place where you can eat until you’re full.

A feeling that you’re with family, a place where your imagination can run free.

A feeling that the good times will never end, a place where around the corner there will always be a new friend.

A feeling everyone should feel. A place, it can be the street, a shelter, a house, an apartment building, or something else, no matter where or what it is, it’s a place everyone deserves.