Grade 6

Middle Sackville
Nova Scotia

Home To Me

Most of us have a place we can call home. A place you want to go to when you have had a rough day. But home can also be a place with family or friends . My home is my house. To other people it could be their grandparents house or friend’s house. It could also be a spot like the park, or a special spot that you feel safe. For me when I walk in the door of my house I feel safe and at home.

At my home I live with my mom, dad, sister, aunt, uncle, and my cat. I can trust everyone I live with. To me trust is a very important thing for me to have in my home. At my house we all have supper together. During supper we share how our days went, and some things we have to change in the house. We change things around the house so we can do chores faster and have more fun. Fun is very important for me. My family and I love playing board games and card games together.

Home to me is a place you feel safe, comfortable, and accepted. What is home to you?