Grade 6


Home To Me

Home has many meanings,
Just like the word “feelings”
Home is where a childhood begins,
Or a childhood ends.
A Childhood wouldn’t be there if there was no home,
With no home, one wouldn’t be able to roam,
Happily and joyfully.

A home is a shelter,
A place with no sadness,
A place where one feels better.
A place with only happiness.
It is a place full of love,
Love from friends and family,
A place where no one shoves,
A place where one only loves.

Home is a place with company,
Company from one’s family,
Company from the power of happiness,
A place full of empathy,
Where many friends smile,
Where one also may cry.
Home is filled with joy,
For all types of people,
Starting from a girl to a boy,
Or both.

A home is a place where one has high hopes,
A place where dreams are accomplished.
A place where courage is nurtured.
Home is an opportunity,
An opportunity to have fun.
Home is where many learn.
It is a place there is no line,
No crowds, no competition
Home is a safe place
To shine.

Home is one’s final rest,
Where one says “goodbye”,
And one says “hello”,
Home is an introduction,
And a conclusion,
It is a place where one comes,
And one goes.

Home is place where there is protection,
Protection from the dangers.
From the highest of the highest clouds,
To the lowest of the lowest grounds,
Only one hero can save you,
And that is a beloved home.