Grade 6


Home to Me

For me, home has never just been a building, or a name. Home is a place where love, joy, warmth, and support fill the air. It is a place of memories.

My family shows me so much love and joy. Bright smiles I see every day fill me with love. I’m always surrounded by people who love me. As I walk in my home all of a sudden I feel love and joy of my friends and family. Love and joy makes me feel like I’m home.

The warmth of my family makes me feel like I’m home. It’s playing the most amazing movie by the fire, with buttery popcorn and cozy blankets. It’s snuggling with my family when we all pile into my parents bed. It’s the fire warming my cold hands. Warmth is a feeling that I get from my family.

My family shows me support by helping me when I’m sad and they’re always there for me. It’s at every hockey game my family comes to cheer me on, or all the activities I do every day. It’s really nice to know that they’re supporting me.

Habitat for humanity is an amazing way to help people. It gives them hope, and provides them the opportunity to afford their own house. Habitat for humanity makes houses but you make them feel like home.