Grade 6


Home To Me

Home is a place for encouragement. A place to feel loved and equal. A place that will always be filled with memories. It’s a place where you can express your feelings and be yourself. A comfort that no one can give you. It’s a space that no one can take away. Feelings that will never be lost. Home is a shine of light, a shine of happiness and a shine of love. It’s a bond of family, a part of life and a gathering of care. Home is a symbol of peace. A place where you can be yourself. Home is where you can work together to accomplish a goal. It’s a never ending tunnel of love, kindness and encouragement. Home is where I can break my worries and connect my happiness. Home will never fall apart but will always bring people together.
I think a home is special because it is somewhere we can share our feelings and happiness. It’s somewhere we recharge our batteries and then go back to the unknown world. A home is where I feel strong, where I feel exited and where I feel unstoppable. From my opinion, home is a place to connect. My favorite thing about my home is my family. A family that doesn’t give up on me.
I am thankful of my family and my home. Home is a marvelous place to be. Maybe these paragraphs gave you a slight bit of realization. Home is a home and it will never ever change no matter what happens.