Grade 5


Home to me

What is home? A place, a building? No, i’ll explain what home really is.

Your home isn’t four walls and a roof, it’s a place to live and shelter from dangers. Inside you shouldn’t stress about danger, instead be happy. However, some don’t have a home,they have nowhere to go, and are cold in the night. Just remember to be thankful of the house you were given.You can do more if you help others so they can get a home too. Donating money makes a huge difference, so help the homeless buy a home. People lose their home everyday to fires, floods, and wars. We can’t stop people from losing their homes but we can help them get a new one by donating to Habitat for Humanity, They help the less fortunate get a home with the money they raise. Everyone deserves a home when they’re sad or mad, they need a place to feel happy and wanted.

To sum it all up, home is the best place to be.