Grade 6


Home to Me


Home is where my family lives, home is where my dog sleeps,
Home is where I eat, home is where I can go to my room.

Home is where I hear familiar voices, home is where I hear
footsteps THUDDING down the stairs, home is where
I hear birds CHIRP in the morning, home is where I hear the
tv playing, home is where I hear cars going by.

Home is where dinner is always on the table, home is where it
smells like me, home is where warmth is in the air, home is
where chicken korma or curry is waiting for me, home is where
my mom and I bake cookies and muffins.

Home is somewhere safe for me, but not for all and that is not fun,
For some they have to run, they have to hide, but by writing this
Maybe they won’t have to run, maybe they won’t have to hide, maybe
they can have fun. Just like me!