Grade 6


Home to me

Some sights I see that remind me of home is a room filled with plenty of hopes and dreams.Another sight that reminds me of home is my family at the dinner table chatting about how the day went and appreciating our food daily.

Sounds that I hear that remind me of home is my family and I talking to each other while having fun at the dinner table and the sounds of my little brother playing with his toys.

A taste I associate with home is bread because my family and I make bread together as a family and we make different kinds of bread.We also give the bread that we make to all my family members including my uncle, aunt, and cousins and it is really special in my family.

Something that makes a home is family, love, care, and hopes and dreams that are in progress.

Home is a place where you will always be loved and never judged that is what home means to me.