Grade 4

Porters Lake
Nova Scotia

Home to Me

Home to Me

No matter what race,
home is a place that everyone should have,
Home is a place where I feel safe
And everyone should feel that way too!

Home is where I rest my head in my comfortable bed,
After school I go home to see that my family is there,
I like school but I would rather my home because it is a safe cozy place
And I like seeing my family there every day.

Yes there are rules, but my pets are pretty cool too,
When I am not happy
my pets always comfort and cuddle me
And I love them a lot.

My Mom my Dad and my sister too
are always there for me
And that’s why I love them.

I love my family and I love my home
And if you don’t feel those emotions
I think there needs to be a change so
Everyone can be happy!
And that is home to me.
I love Home!