Grade 5

Red Deer

Home to Me

Home isn’t just a place where you can eat and sleep. It’s a place where you can cry, laugh, and have fun. It’s a place where you have a family, friends, and neighbours. Family is a part of home. No matter what! Your family always loves you. Home is nice and you know when you walk in that you’re happy to be home. Home kind of keeps you safe and secure. You can’t build a home with just wood. You can build a house with wood, but not a home. If you just buy a house, the people who sold you the house don’t make it a home. You and your family, your friends, your neighbours, all of them make it a home. Home makes memories and memories make home. Home is important, you may have been born there. Your community is home. People will say you don’t have a home but you do. You need to treasure your home. Home is where your heart is, it’s where your family is and your friends are, your neighbours, your community and most importantly where you are. You are home.