Grade 5

Portugal Cove-St. Philip's
Newfoundland and Labrador

Home To Me

Home to me is where i can be me,
Maybe I will dance or drink some nice tea.
Home is where i get loved,
There’s always someone to get me hugged.
Even when i’m in my bed,
I’m always thankful to be fed.
When were together we can see
how good we can honestly be
When i see people sleeping on the streets,
Makes me want to stomp and weep.
I want a building we can share
A building where everyone cares

A good H-O-M-E
Hospitality, for all the guests in your home.
Open minds, think about all the good possibilities
My favourite place in the world
Everyone is welcome

In the world there are so many nice people who give people with no homes, new good homes. Those people spend so much time on these houses. In really big cities, there are a lot of people with no homes, and so many people who walk or drive past them completely ignore them! I’m not saying that they are mean, or don’t care about people, i’m just saying that they should open their eyes and see that there are people with no heat, no food, no money, even no cell phone! You’re probably like “WHAAAAAAAAT!!!! No phones!!!“ Yeah, no. phones. at. All.