Grade 5

Nova Scotia

Home To Me


Home might be unclean,
But it’s the place with the coffee machine,

Home might be loud,
But it’s the place where we all can be proud,

Home might seem bad,
But you should be glad,

Home is the place where you hang your hat,
Home is our “habitat”,

Home might be breaking at the seams,
But home is like a great dream,
It’s wonderful you are…FREE!!

But not everyone gets to experience this greatness,
I almost feel breahtless

They sit on the street begging,
Coughing,sneezing and gagging
Give them food,water
or even shelter

The moral of the story is when you feel
Ungrateful for your home think again
That’s honestly unreal

That’s the end of my poem it may
Be short but it has power