Grade 6


Home to me

First I am going to share with you a really sad fact!Just in the last couple years millions of people have lost their home and have become homeless! That is really really sad. I am so happy Habitat for Humanity is going to help them and build them a home where they can stay with their families! Now I am going to tell you what home means to me. Home is a place of Love, Joy, Happiness, and my family that loves me so much! Home is also a place where we can make precious memories with our family,Friends and our pets too! It is a place that we can share all of our emotions! I’m so lucky that I have a roof over my head and I’m so grateful that I have everyone that loves me here with me. Home to me is also about those cozy feelings like cuddling up by the fireplace with a warm blanket. It is also about when you are so tired and you can go and get into where you sleep and be so cozy.
Where my home is, is where my family is and where i get to spend time with my family.Thank you for reading what home means to me! Bye!