Grade 5


Home to me

I heard people calling houses “Home sweet Home”but home to me is not just a building that covers me from cold weather, rain or wind.home is the foundation of starting to build my confidence and to exercise my freedom. Home is the destination of my dad when he comes from work,home is the destination when I am off from the school Bus rushing to see my sweet little sister and my lovely mom waiting to open the door for me. I charge my energy when my family is around the dining table. I unleash my freedom when I run outside in our backyard with my siblings. No words to explain the freedom that I have when I play with my cousins in our basement. Home is warm and cozy, when I feel tired I can sleep on my comfy bed and I can have relaxation without any disturbances,when I feel lonely and sad I boost my energy by sharing love with my family. My house is not just a normal house it has lots of amazing memories. My house can fill lots of kindness and niceness. That’s what my house means to me. Home carrie’s family, family that where I belong to and cares about me when I feel weak their courage makes me strong.They have reason people says home sweet home because home is fruit you can taste it, home is light you can see through it, home is ocean you can swim on it, home is all about joy and having good memories, over all home is all about build your identity and build your own confidence.