Grade 6


Home to Me

“Click” the light blind me, then I hear “wake up” and I know it’s my mom. So I know
It’s time for school. I almost fell out of bed because I rolled to get up with my eyes still closed. The carpet was soft beneath my feet as they hit the ground, but when I walked into the kitchen, the floor was freezing! I jumped back to my room to put on socks and come back out to make tea. It burnt my tongue so I put it on the counter to cool and went back to my room to get dressed. After putting on my favorite shirt and pants I came back and the tea was a perfect drinking temperature. I walked to my living room cradling my tea and decided to turn on the fireplace, the house warmed up super quick. The couch was super comfortable and I sunk into it. My dog Tundra came to me and jumped up on the couch beside me with her smooth fur and her warm skin. This is the greatest way to wake up. My nose was filled with the aroma of my mom’s homemade biscuits fresh and hot. The butter melts on the biscuit. My mom made my lunch and packed it in my backpack. I put my coat on then my backpack and I walked out. A home is where the heart is, a heart needs a home.