Grade 6

British Columbia

Home To Me

Home to me means more than a bed or a couch, it means spending time with friends and family. It is making memories with people from far away and watching the Sunday night football game with buddies from soccer. It should be a place of joy, comfort, protection, and encouragement.

Some people think all homes should mean is having food, TV, and living under a roof is the all-important part of a home but they’re wrong because what makes or breaks a home is the people in it. I love home a lot just because it’s cozy and comfy and all those other great things like humour like my dad’s horrible dad jokes. Glee like when my cousins come to visit. Cheer when my cat comes and snuggles with me. Thrilled because I’m going on vacation. Glad because I’m having friends over.

Home is where you see family after a long day. I love coming home to my pets, Charlet and Puff. Home is where you can lay down and chill in your underwear all day. Or just hang out, make baked goods, or just stay in your PJs and sleep all day. Home is where I can call friends to come and play or bake. Home is where stress is put aside and love and joy is all you need.

My home to me is like a place when you’re having a rainy day at school you can come back to and feel recharged and safe. I feel like home can be where you fight, play, cry, laugh but most of all feel encouraged and safe around the people you love. It’s so very beautiful to come home to. Sometimes when my friends come over they call my house a mansion.

Home is the most special gift of all.