Grade 4


Home to many many people

Home to many many people
Home to me is where my family lives. Home to me is where I make memories it is where life begins and where life ends. Where I can cry and not get weird looks.there is where I go after a hard day with upset times. But what about to other people? Is home to other people the exact opisite of me? Do other people have better or worse? Some might have a perfect life with everything they want and wish for. But theres also bad houses. abusive , awful, hurtful homes. With sad memories and no care in the world of the other people.or what if they dont have have a home. They have no family no memories not eavn sad memories. Or what if they have a family that they dont care about but their family will never stop loving them. So not everyone has the same home not the same conditions. Some homes are warm and built on trust laughter and happy times.and some not so much.