Grade 5


Home To Everyone

Home To Everyone.

I walk home from school,

Lay on my couch, do homework,watch tv,eat food

and think some people need what I have a home.
Homes have good and nutritious food for eating,
Clean air for breathing,

A bed to lay in if your tummy hurts or if your tired.

People in homes have to work hard to get the money,
To pay the rent, to pay for their kids,and to pay for their health.

Some people do the opposite so they don’t have money to get a home.

Every home is different if your poor and live on the streets you may tink this is home,

If you live in your car you may also think this is home.

Everyone have a different home and an different life.

So it does not matter what you live in.

So if this poem moves on I will have a chance to give a kid a home