Grade 5

Richmond Hill

Home to a fish

What is the meaning of home? Is it a house? Well maybe for some people, but have you ever thought of the meaning of home to a fish?

Fish live in the water, but water is not their home. Fish need shelter or else bigger fish will eat them. Of course, fish don’t have actual houses like us, but fish can blend in many places. Fish can blend in places such as rocks and plants. The advantage of being able to blend in is that larger fish cannot eat them.

Fish need many resources to survive and most of those resources are found in their home. The resources that can be found in their home are water and food. Fish can find different types of water such as salt and freshwater. Fish can also find different types of food such as shrimp and fish.

Fish’s homes are not as big as a house but for them it only matters if they are safe or not. The meaning of safe to fish is for it to be calm, peaceful and for it to have no violence. The meaning of safe is the same for everybody but the meaning of a home is not the same for everyone. Even fish have different homes.

Now have you learned the difference between a house and a home? And how the meaning of home is different for everybody?