Grade 5


Home The Santuary

My home is a sanctuary because it is a safe space to be me, there is so much love all around me, and my family and pets are always with me.
First of all my pets and family are always with me and to me home doesn’t have to be where you live it can be wherever you are with your loved ones. I think it is so nice to be with them and we are such a big happy family. Home brings us together and we form stronger bonds every day.
Second there is so much love when i’m home and it feels so good to come home and feel the love. And my pets are so sweet well maybe one off my cats are kind of mean but that’s fine. He is actually kind of funny but that’s not important. And whenever I feel bad my family can always make me feel better. I do the same for them, they don’t get enough credit. It is so fun and exciting to live here because it is so old me and my family get to find things to repair all the time.
Last, I can be myself and no one is going to tell me I’m weird or that I don’t belong. And if anyone did say that I wouldn’t care because in my home I feel safe and confident. I love being there because I can feel whatever I want to.
Home is an amazing place and there is so much love. It isn’t just a house it is a sanctuary. There is so much love all around me, my pets and family are always with me, and it is a safe space to be me.