Grade 6


Home the Safe Space

Home the Safe Space

My home is the brightness to my shadows
My home helps me shred the fear in two blows

The happy tears slowly appear
I finally have a safe space this year
The anxiety and fearfulness eventually disappear

Roof, I finally have a roof!
All the dirt on my head went poof!

Home, the area I can call my own
The area I can live freely in
The area that protects my skin

The flowing water of the sink
Like the flowing blood in my body

The clock on my wall goes tick tock, tick tock
It’s like the heart in my body, going thug, thug, thug.

My parents finally have a kitchen, a space that they cook in!
The air is full of steam
Tears come out again, it feels like a big dream!

There is now a roof that can protect my body from the dreary rain
My home keeps me from going insane
No more aching body and no more pain!

Everyday I can now go home in a safe shelter feeling secure without any doubt.

That is what home means to me.

Give that feeling to others! Help give a home and make families feel protected. Every home goes to a desirable family, a family that needs it the most. Help families have an opportunity to sense and feel what it is like to have a place they can call home. Give the comfort and delight to those families.