Grade 5

Red Deer

Home: The Place Where Love Lives

Home is a place where I am accepted.

Home is a place I come across everyday, to be warm, to be dry , and to be myself everyday.

Home is a place where your family dwells, one that will love you and support you well through your success and your failures.

Home is a place where you can have both a place to be with your family, and have your very own private space.

Home is a place where you hold celebrations, and parties, and honor your culture and traditions.

Home is a place for the kids to play, and adults to relax and chat.

Home is a place where never alone.

Home is a place where kids come home from studies at school, and for adults to come back to from a tiring day at work

Everyone should have a place to call home, one that’s filled with joy, love, and warmth, one to share with your family

As you all must know, a home without love or family, just isn’t a real home.

You should always be grateful to have a home and a loving family to go with it, so you can share and receive love and stay safe.

Home is a special place, one you should always cherish.