Grade 5


Home – The Place Where I Go

When I walk in the door a dog 30 pounds of fur and chubbiness coming at me. (On a school day anyway.) On weekends I wake up in the coziest bed with the fuzziest bedding. When I get out of bed I know I’m safe. Breakfast is yummy pancakes. I can’t imagine being homeless no bed or food. Then going to the couch and play video games. Then snacks.

Lunch hot steaming rice, yogurt, crackers and food! Lunch the best meal where I get to pick what I eat for then dessert it is unimaginable chocolaty mints, mmmmm. When its done I go to play with friends outside.

French fries, chicken, rice and/or Fast food. Dinner the family gets together for Dinner. Talk about their day. When we finish.

Free Time
First I’ll play video games (Spiderman). I’ll clean my room, and watch T.V. Then I will go and play with my friends.

Home means to me family, safety, family and a chubby puppy.