Grade 5

Prince George
British Columbia

Home the Place to Be


Home is a great thing to keep.
A place to love, play, eat, and sleep.
I’m so thankful that I have a home.
All those poor people are what inspired this poem.

Home is where I come to from a bad day.
Home is where my family and I love to play.
I wish everyone could have a home.
Some people don’t have a toothbrush or comb.

I wrote this poem not to get prizes or to win,
But to raise money for people who can’t afford a mitten.
I love home.
I would hate to leave my own.

Home is where I can be myself.
Home is where I find my elf on the shelf.
Home is where I know I have shelter over my head.
Home is where I can sleep in my cozy bed.

At home, I know I’m ok.
At home, I have a say.
Home is where I always spend the night.
Home is where, I am alright.