Grade 5


Home the place of the heart by Clara McNeil

Home the place of the heart
The way a house becomes a home of memories, takes its place in your heart and becomes your safe place for now and years to come.

When I hear the word house and the word home it makes me think in my head that a house and a home are not the same thing. For a Home is where you make memories and learn how you can stand when you fall. But a house is something before a home because a house is waiting for those memories to arrive while a home Is experiencing them.

When I go to my house and I look in the window I can see the memories of the past and the memories to come in the future. It makes me happy to know people will get to have that feeling of joy and happiness. But sadly not everyone has had the chance to.

A home will be the place where you can make memories but there’s another thing that you have there. Your home is the place where you can feel safe and spend your most thoughtful days. But sometimes you will leave and make a new memory someplace else. But you will come home to a beautiful house that is now your home

Yes in a house you feel joy and laughter but you also can come home with sadness and tears. But your home is there to make you feel good after someone has made you sad. It will be there for you when no one else is because your house is not your home without you being in it.

You can make friends there and meet your neighbors too. But if you keep to yourself or not you can take a moment to sit yourself down on the floor that is now yours. To think to yourself that this is my home and I am the person to live in it. Through good times and bad for better or worse because this is my house.

Your home is not just a box with some windows. Inside your home is where you live your life for years and years. But just so you know that even though it may not be able to walk and talk. This is your home and your home isn’t going anywhere.
Clara McNeil