Grade 5


Home, The Land of Dreams

Home, the land of dreams, might not just be where you sleep and dream, but where you can imagine and relax, take your first big moments, and be respected. Home is the place where you can relax with your siblings, enjoy playing, and making sure your dad comes home with milk when he forgets.
Home is where you relax. Say you just got back from school you’re with your siblings. You wash your hands and you don’t have homework…it’s a nice Friday, you get onto your couch and you load up a game you can relax and enjoy as you play you can play with your siblings and feel good. You can fall asleep on your couch or your bed it doesn’t matter as long as you feel at home.
Home the place where you can feel respected. Say you just got a not-so-good grade on something you can feel respected at least. Although it might not feel great to get a not-so-good grade your respected in your household no matter if it’s great.
Home is where you take your first big thing. You take your first steps, you say your first word, it’s your first Halloween, it’s your first Christmas. No matter what holiday or what special time that is something what home can mean although your first tooth might be lost at school you might have probably said your first word at home or somewhere that you feel safe. Say you take your first steps your family is so excited then you say your first word people would want to commemorate that.
In conclusion home is the land of dreams… you can feel respected, relax and do your first big thing. Although your house might not be ordinary, you can always remember that if you feel nice and safe that is what a home could be. It could be a box, it could be a shelter as long as you feel safe and respected that could be a home no matter what people say.