Grade 6

Nova Scotia

Home-The Best Place To Stay

A home is a safe place,
where I wake up and go to bed everyday.
A home is a loving place,
where my siblings and I always play.
Homes are a great shelter, for everyone,
no matter what race.

I can read, write, play sports in a safe place,
our home is sturdy, greatly built and lasting day by day.
I use the computer, in a corner,
on a table to study, complete assignments and homework,
then play a game.

I can listen to music and songs through YouTube in my home.
My home is nice, warm and cozy, I never feel alone.
I wish everyone has a home, a shelter,
strong and safe,
where they’ll stay everyday,
from the cold blizzards,
pouring rain and showers,
through seas of snow,
and all the winds that blow.

But some people don’t have homes
we need affordable housing, or where do they go?
Out in the streets, terrifying and cold
If we don’t have a home,
it means
no safeness and no strength,
no protection and no warmth.
So we need affordable homes, so everyone is
warm, cozy, happy and safe.