Grade 6


Home, the best place in the world

My home means the world to me. These are some reasons why a home is the best place on earth. My home is a great place to be, so let me take you with me. When I come home from school lots of warm hugs are waiting for me all around. The best quality of my home is my family, which is the heart of my home. My family is the MOST important part of my home, they bring joy all the time. My home is also a safe place. When I am sad I’m glad I’m home, When I’m scared I’m glad I’m home. Home is a very safe place to be and I always feel better in the end, even when I’m mad. I am writing this essay because I want someone else to feel the way I feel and even if I don’t win, it doesn’t matter to me as long as someone gets a home.

Thanks and stay safe 😷