Grade 6

British Columbia

Home – That Part of Me

Home is where I adamantly know,

Welcomed with open arms, I’ll always be,

No matter how far and long I go,

It’ll always stand there; stalwart and free.

Where my faults and flaws,

Don’t matter at all,

I’ll never be admonished without cause,

And in home’s arms, I’ll never fall,

Home is the place all the dreams and possibilities,

Find a chimerical way to come true;

From inchoate fantasies to tangible realities,

Home is a dream come true for me and you

Where I wait patiently

for my irritating brother,

To grow up and mature up

despite being three years older

NHome is a passionately personalized haven,

One where safe and secure I know I’ll be,

Long for others’ lives a sedentary shred of me always will,

But I’ll know that home is the place for me

Where I wait patiently,

For my very sassy sister,

To finally realize the truth,

Of how she’s such a bother,

Home is a free place where;

I can peer out wistfully at the outside world,

But home is the only place I’ll remain,

Until my timid heart has unfurled.

Where I can still learn and observe,

The so many whims and follies,

Of kids playing without reserve,

And discreetly, I watch and please

Home is the place I’ll always return to,

At the set of the sun; the end of the day;

Whether how exhausting or despairing it has been,

To return home, I’ll always find a way.

Where the exotic wonderous horrors,

Of the creatures that reside in spells,

Beyond the promise of the ivory door,

A future, a hope, a single spark dwells.

Do you know what home means to me?

Home is that part of me,m

That no one is ever going to take;

Away from me.