Grade 5

Newfoundland and Labrador

Home That is Best for Me

The thing that makes me feel like I’m home is caring about my siblings and parents. Home is a shelter and being lucky to have food. Home is getting cozy in bed covered up with blankets. This makes life good.

I don’t need to have fancy things. I don’t need a trampoline, which my parents say I could get injured if I jumped on. I don’t need to be famous or live in a mansion. My house is two story green house with two balconies. I have a fireplace so it won’t be cold in the basement. I have a rowboat for me and my family. I have an Xbox and a Wii so me, my brother , and my sister can play. I have a fire pit for me and my family to have foreseen. These things don’t make it home, but the feelings I have when I use these things to make memories with my family give me a feeling of home.

Home is caring, family, being clean and getting sleep.