Grade 6

La Scie
Newfoundland and Labrador

Home – teacher submission


Home is warmth
on a cold day
It is yellow like the sun
amidst the dark skies

Home is belonging
wrapped in a family’s embrace
It is solid like a rock
amidst the ebbs and flows of tides

Home is an apple blossom tree
rooted in memories of special people
It is sweet like a lingering fragrance
amidst the sadness of a shapeless past

Home is a quiet place
restful comfort from uncertainty
It is soft like a gentle breath
amidst the exposed landscapes of poverty

Home is change
It’s who you are and who you’ve been
it’s the past, present, and the future
It’s the connection
the hope
the anchor in a storm

Home is the heart
that carries the beat for each of us
It is liberating like new found freedom
amidst the lies and secrets of normalcy

A Home …
it’s what we want
it’s what we need