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Home sweet home

Every family needs a place to stay
no matter what people say.

Everyone deserves a home to keep them happy when they can’t be brave.

A place to shout,to sing and cry
the feeling of home can make you fly.

A home means; to keep you dry from the rain,to keep you warm on a white wintry day or to keep you cool hen the sun shines its rays.

A place you and your family can be free
you can be calm or crazy it doesn’t matter to me.

Time to time things can be rough
but at least you have something to cheer you up.

Friends are nice and teachers to but there’s something special about the people that belong to you.

At the end of a long day
it is with the people at home you will stay.

Frogs live in ponds,
birds live in nests
even animals have a place too rest.

To me my home is different than all the others,
mine has two cats,a dog and an annoying little brother.

Sometimes were joined by students from over seas;
they come and go while adding diversity.

Home doesn’t have to be fancy,big or tall
it just has to be a place that holds you when you feel small.