Grade 4

Porters Lake
Nova Scotia

Home Sweet Home

Home Sweet Home

My Home is big and orange and tall
It pains me to think about the people
who don’t have one at all.

I feast on a hot meal every day
Home is where I can play
I can truly forget about my worries when I’m there
When I do something clumsy,
I know that nobody will stare.
I can express myself in so many different ways
My family is there to help me when I have bad days.

My Mother, my Father, my brother, my sister- in -law
I feel very loved
I feel astonishing
I feel very special

Home is where I can be guided by kind words and wisdom
It’s where crying is okay
Rage is wrong
And LOVE is power.
Families everything
And nobody makes fun of me, even when I try to sing

It’s a safe place
A heart full of love
A warm cozy bed
A hot meal
It looks like a roof and some walls
but to me
it’s love, it’s laughter, it’s life, it’s…
Home Sweet Home