Grade 6

Nova Scotia

Home Sweet Home

Home sweet home

My sweet home where I live and eat
and where I do my dishes and clean the bathroom
Home sweet home
without it, I won’t be here with my family
playing games, running around and playing.
All the kids live in homes a place you can live
I am thankful for my life and home
Invite your friends to your home, but it’s COVID
Home, the place you can be loved and in your dreams
Home is the place you can sleep every night
When you leave the house you say goodbye
You open the door and walk in, you feel the carpet and floor.
You wish you can have a better home
so you move homes and new stuff happens, that is life.
Home is a safe place to stay safe from the storms, snow and rainy days.
What home means to me is a place to live and do stuff just Like everyone.
My place is the best place to stay.
My home sweet home.