Grade 5

Newfoundland and Labrador

Home Sweet Home

Home Sweet Home!

Home is the feeling of a warm, soft, cozy blanket on my toes after coming in from a cold day outside in the white, fluffy snow with my family. home is the taste of creamy, rich, delicious hot chocolate my mom makes me. home is the smell of yummy, warm, buttery homemade banana bread coming straight out of the oven. Home is coming home and seeing my family waiting for me to get home from a great day at school. Home is hearing my brother’s gentle laugh when he is playing. That’s home to me.

Home does not have to be a big fancy mansion or a big backyard with a pool or trampoline. It does not have to have big rooms with fancy things. It does not matter how big or fancy the house is. What really matters is the people and memories inside. A memory that I have is waking up on christmas morning and seeing all the presents and my family with smiles on their faces. Another memory I have is when my Aunt, my Uncle and baby cousin came home and I did not know and they surprised me. That is home to me.

Home means many different things to different people. One thing that is home to me is waking up every morning and getting to see my Mom, Dad and my brother. Some people can make home at a different place. Other people have to travel to different places to find their home. But one thing I know is that I already found my home and it is right here.