Grade 5


Home Sweet Home

A home is a place where memories are made where you say your first word , lose your first tooth, where you have your first birthday party, where you celebrate new year’s, where you learn how to ride your bike,

With a home that has wall’s as strong as you and a roof that will always stay up a home is where you we have a warm bed to sleep through the night but others on the streets have a harder night,

A home is where we learn how to care and share we might think that a home is a little thing but the people on the street admire it as a big thing,

A home is where all of your life is spent where you and your family play games, watch movies, so it seems like we have have a lot to see so let’s pay a visit to the homeless on the streets,

No matter where I go my will always be in my heart Home you are my fantasy land as well as my Home Sweet Home ,

Home is where all your dreams come true.
Grade 5 student