Grade 6

British Columbia

Home Sweet Home

How do you make a house feel like home? You need special memories, bedrooms, and food. Whatever you need to make your house feel like home.

My collections are some of the things that make my house feel like home. My stick collection makes me feel like my house is home, because I used to collect sticks at my old house as well. My stuffies Make me feel happy and my favourite one is the first one I got. Georgie the monkey . I started collecting bottle caps at my new house as well. but it is one of the things that makes my house feel like my home.These collections are really important to me and make me feel like I’m in my home.

The things that make me feel safe, make me feel good at home. My parents make me feel safe because they are always there to protect me. Robin is my dog and she makes me feel safe because she barks when somebody comes to the door. She barks so loud, she acts like an alarm system. Our grandpa lives downstairs, he is always down there so he makes me feel more comfortable when I’m home. These are all the reasons I feel safe in my home.

These are the things that make me feel at home because they are really important to me. I could not be without them otherwise I would feel hollow and dead inside.