Grade 5

Nova Scotia

Home Sweet Home

Home Sweet Home, I wish all people could say, but some can’t. My home is where I feel safe, being in a room with family and friends. Good memories, it’s like you can see your shadows of good memories in a home.

Some people sit in the rain and thunder, as some who don’t appreciate having a home, sit and pout about what they want, when people are in need of a home.

I am blessed that I can sit in my home during a snowstorm and not have to worry about bills, food, clothing or shelter, because a home is a safe place.

When you are out and think “Wow, this place has nothing.” Just think about some people who have to sleep on a bench at night because they don’t have a roof above their head like you do.

Some people have homes, but once they pay rent or their bills, they once again have no money, people like that are most likely to suffer from mental illnesses and stress. They worry about food, clothing, being homeless. I feel nobody should have to worry about that, I wish everyone could have a home. It makes my heart hurt when I think about people who have no home, or can’t afford their bills. But it hurts them more, having no food in their stomachs, having no warmth, or clothing.

I hope I can make a difference in someone’s life.