Grade 6

British Columbia

Home Sweet Home

Home Sweet Home

Home sweet home, is the place I want to be,
Because it’s filled with love and support for me.
You are never alone at home, there is always someone there,
Right from the start there are stories and laughter.

Home is a place that washes away all those bad feelings,
And surrounds you with comfort when you most need it.
Just like a gratifying chocolate covered smore,
It doesn’t matter if you are big or small, wealthy or poor,
A true home is where your heart is.

Home is filled with the smell of baking and cooking,
Me and my family make chocolate pudding.
During holidays me and my family all come together in my home to spend time with each other.
Then as I slip into a slumber knowing that I am safe and sound at home.
My home is where my heart and family are.
When there’s a violent storm,
My mom and dad are there to make me warm,
Me and my family cuddle close.

It’s depressing to know,
That some people live in tents on the street and in parks.
My home brings back happy moments of the past, after all it is my home and I’m growing up here.
That is why I’m glad I have a home and family.