Grade 5


Home Sweet Home

The Meaning of Home
Home is where you can finally relax, sleep and much more. When kids sleep at other people’s houses they sometimes say “This doesn’t feel like my house at all” and that’s because it’s not.
Of course it isn’t, it’s different in your head and that’s okay! One thing that’s different about your house is the people inside of it.

Your home is the best to you and to nobody else. When you go home you can sometimes say “home sweet home”, that’s because you love your home. Everybody loves their home and when you get a home it’s not free, it costs a lot of money. That’s not because love costs money, it’s because people have standards and they need to buy a home.
You are very lucky to have a home. Many people don’t have a home and that’s because they are homeless. People are outside in the cold and they don’t like it.

How would you like it if you are outside in the freezing cold? It’s just terrible! And imagine if you had a pet. Your pet might starve and that’s not good and that’s why everybody deserves to have a home.
And there are over 35,000 homeless people in Canada and that’s not okay. It’s not always because they got kicked out it’s sometimes because they can’t afford a home or they spent their money on other things and don’t have enough money left or they just can’t get a job and they can’t call anywhere home.
And there are 1.6 billion people in the world that are homeless so imagine that you don’t have a home that doesn’t have a place to sleep other then the snow.
It’s very sad so you should be grateful that you can actually afford a home!
Remember you are very lucky to have a home!

Thank You for Reading!