Grade 4


Home Sweet Home

My Home is a place where my dreams conquer my sleep,
It’s a place where love,kindness,faith,hope and motivation are displayed.
At home you feel like love is most important feeling that anyone can have,
To most people our home is just a home but to us our homes are way more than just a building its a place created out of love filled with laughter and built on dreams made with joy and happiness covered with hugs and kisses framed with with captured moments our home is a place where the heart always comes back .
A home is a place where the heart is enriched with love
. When you come in for the first day all you see is a simple building Later it becomes the most loved place in the whole universe,
Your house is a place where you can express many feelings
Even if you have huge fights you can say to yourself I Am grateful to have a shelter,a big beautiful family,an opportunity to get with my family every month and last but not least caring and loving relationships with people and pets.
Home is different for everyone. It can be a place to …work, to learn ,get together with family and friends,to love ,to make memories,to follow our imagination,remember our good past experiences,a place to care,a place to struggle,a place to face happy blessings,and more .
No matter how long you live there or what time our home was built I think everybody should have wonderful blessings like me like a loving family,and a big,beautiful house like mine no matter what