Grade 4


Home Sweet Home!

My home is a beautiful place! I have somewhere to sleep, delicious food to eat, and a loving family. I have a comfortable mattress to sleep on and a nice bedroom that is warm and cozy. I am lucky to have clean water to drink, cook and shower with. My mom, dad and brother cook delicious and healthy meals that smell great and taste good. We like to invite close friends and family to share food, friendship, laughter and celebrations with each other. After we eat, we work together to clean up and wash dishes. Our home is fun and comfortable!
My home provides privacy and safety for me and my family. My home is warm and quiet in the winter, and cool in the summer. After a long day at school, I can come home and relax. I like to sit on my soft and cozy lounging chair in my room while I drink a cup of warm milk. This routine makes me feel safe and loved. In the evening after I finish my homework, I enjoy lying on the sofa watching a movie with my family. While we watch a movie, my mom bring us our favourite snacks. The snacks include salt and vinegar chips, apples, cheese, crackers, and hot chocolate. To get even cozier, we turn on the fireplace and our cats lay next to us.
Our home is not a home without our two black cats. Both cats were adopted from the Winnipeg Humane Society at different times. They are so playful and have a full run of the house with their toys. I play with them by using a string on a stick that they try to catch. They are sweet, clever and very quick! This makes them very tired and then they find a comfortable and quiet place to sleep in our home.
Home is my happy place where I feel safe, have food to eat, a comfortable bed to sleep on and a family that loves me no matter what I do. When I open the door to my home and step inside I say to myself, “Home sweet home!”