Grade 6


Home Sweet Home

For me, Homes are not a decent sized building made with bricks and wood. they are made with family and love. I am very thankful for a loving family and a home. Every night before I go to sleep, I always thank god for giving me such a beautiful and safe place for me to live in with my family. To me, a home is where memories are created. A home is were delicious food is made and where I have my own room. It is a place where my sister annoys me. A Home is a place where you can say what’s on your mind. It is a place where you can laugh, giggle or smile and where you can be with your family and have their support. Home is a place that makes a difference in your feeling of happiness or sorrow.To me, my home always keeps me secure from all of my fears.My home is like a shield.It is always there for me when there is bad weather. It is sad to think about people who don’t have a home. Where do they sleep? Where do they go during a storm? My home is a special place where my dreams can come true. To me a home is where I am loved, where I am recognized and encouraged. Whenever I come home tired, the minute I step inside,I start to feel calm and relaxed. But the best thing is that I can decorate my room however I want. At home, I always have someone to take care of me even though I am okay. For me there is no such place like home. Oh god! Why couldn’t you give everyone a home?