Grade 4


Home Sweet Home

I feel safe at home because i have my family at home with me. I feel loved because I have lots of food and a family. I feel freedom all the time and every day. I feel super comfortable and happy that I have a family. My home is the safest places ever. I will never run away from my home. I will be always safe with my family. I am very cared for all the time. I will always have a nice roof over my head. I will always love my family and spend time with my family. We have pillow fights, have lots of fun with my family, play with my toys, never get lost, stay with my parents if we go out, watch a movie with my family, and play video games with my dad. I will keep nice memories and not bad memories forever. I will have lots of memories forever. Spend time with your family and always be nice. Make stuff with your family and always do different stuff with your family. Home is a place where you can relax and watch TV and spend time with your family. Your family is the important thing of your life.