Grade 6


Home sweet Home

To me home means I’m safe and secure,
a place where I can grow and become mature.
At home I home I can be free and away from the crowd,
I can be me and don’t have to make them proud.
I can have fun like read a book or play a game,
and can do other things it doesn’t all have to be the same.
When I relax, I do my own thing anything at all,
at home I’m safe its a place I won’t fall.
My community helps me through thick and thin,
it’s a place I can go where I know I’ll win.
My friends are my neighbors we play all the time,
weather the day calls for rain or shine.
My home is special its a roof over my head,
At night time I feel lucky that I even have a bed.
Home is a place where I can be me,
you can be you and we can be free.
Thank you for reading my poem about home,
Home is a special place where your not alone.